Inspired by... pretty much everybody.
  1. I spent 80% of my day around women growing up
    My dad would leave early in the morning and come back early evening. That left me with my mom and an aunt all day. But...
  2. I have an awesome dad
    No matter how busy, he always made time for me and my brother. Especially on weekends.
  3. My mom's dad was a poet and writer.
    Pablo Rojas Guardia was a semi well known poet in my country. So...
  4. My mom is a heavy reader.
    And she passed it on to me.
  5. My dad's father was a broadcaster.
    Cristóbal Rodríguez Pantoja was one of the first anchors in one of the first TV nightly news programs in Venezuela.
  6. My mom is all heart
    She's as smart as they come, as you can imagine. But she is more of a "what I feel like" than a careful planner. She drives me crazy, but it's because I'm so much like her that way.
  7. My dad is a prankster
    His side of the family has all the sense of humor in the world. All of it.
  8. I was relentlessly bullied in middle and high school
    It did not stop until I broke a bigger dude's nose in senior year.
  9. I live in a... complicated country
    This place does not prepare you too much for the outer world. We are basically entitled teens.who think we're the icing on the world cake. But when we get out there -and there have been hundreds of thousands of us leaving for the past 15 years- we see that we have only a basic idea how the world works.
  10. I am on the Internet a lot
    I shelter myself there when reality is a bit too much. But as a journalist, I can't afford to stay too long. So I know my country and know when to hide from it.