This is heartbreaking for me, but I say (and do) this after careful consideration. Please stick with me.
  1. I just can't think of anything meaningful to say
    I used to be able to make these funny, maybe inspiring lists that you honored me by liking or commenting them. Now it's... just not there. Yes, the one with my family was nice, but... I don't know.
  2. I can't afford the phone it's in
    This phone is ready to give me headaches, and I don't know when I'll be able to afford another one.
  3. It's truly affecting my work
    I must have opened the app no less than twenty times in one hour. Do you know how delicate that's going to be when I move to the States?
  4. I'm too concerned with the community reading me
    Add that to point 1. Nothing comes, and on the rare occasions it does, I'm all "Will they read me? Will they like it? Why don't they comment?"
  5. Today is Innocent Saints Day in Latin America (Día de los Inocentes)
    Our equivalent to April Fool's Day. If you're one of the wonderful people who read till the end, I'm afraid you've been had, my friends. As we say: cayeron por inocentes. I'm very far from leaving I love you all. ;)