Wolverine does not work in Spanish

This refers to mainly the comic book character we all know and love. The ultimate badass that also gave us Hugh Jackman. But it also applies to the giant weasle that some Native Americans call "devil bear". Either way, they both turn into a joke when we turn from Shakespeare to Cervantes. Lo siento.
  1. Most Spanish-speaking countries call the wolverine "glotón"
    Yup. One of the most powerful animals of the North is reduced to being called after a person who just eats too much.
  2. In México it's called "carcayú"
    Slightly better, but it still sounds like the villain from a bad anime.
  3. Its scientific name rhymes with "ass" in Spanish
    I hardly think you'd be feared in any way if you said your name was "Gulo gulo".
  4. In Spain, Wolverine is called "Lobezno"
    Sounds weird, right? It means "wolf pup".
  5. In Latin America, he's called "Guepardo"
    "Who're you callin' 'cheetah', bub?" Sorry, señor Logan.