Year of the Origami Rooster

As the clock starts to tick the final 100 days for my origami challenge, I decided to, of course, celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster on my Instagram last week. These were the results.
  1. Model by John Montroll
  2. Model by Jodi Fukumoto
    This one is supposed to be a charm inside which you can place a coin.
  3. Model by "212moving"
    This is by a young Chinese artist that goes by that unusual name.
  4. Model by Ronald Koh
    I've been cyber friends with the creator, a veteran Singapore folder, for almost twenty years now. He kindly sent me these diagrams twelve years ago -the last Year of the Rooster.
  5. Model by Hideo Komatsu
  6. Model by Eric Joisel
    In Latin, "gallus" means both "rooster" and "French". Today, the rooster is the unofficial symbol of France.
  7. Model by Narita Mitsuaki
    This is an Onagadori, a Japanese breed with extremely long rail feathers (up to 27 feet!)
  8. Model by John Montroll
    Not the one I originally planned but I like the end result.