You might be me if... see the coolest trends on (many times via @karlalucia) and just run with it
  1. vow you will start going to sleep early, then spend an entire week sleeping between four and five hours
  2. bitch about rainy weather endlessly, till your friends either beg the sun to come up or throw you into the rain.
  3. stop to pet any dog you encounter on the street that wags its tail to you (or cat that doesn't slink away). (Dogs with mange excluded, for health reasons.)
  4. check your phone waaaay too many times for an adult.
  5. illustrate any point you want to make with a movie or TV show.
  6. moan you never have time to read a book while you are glued to the Internet. Dude...
  7. have "some" difficulties saying no.
  8. spend twenty minutes composing a list and an hour figuring out what to put last.
    So here's a panda on a slide.