Just wanted to take a moment to get out of my head and get some thoughts onto paper. Feeling like JD from Scrubs with his inner monologue is hard work.
  1. Omg did I gain weight
    Every morning when I wake up I have this fear that I somehow ate 100 pieces of chocolate cake and now have gained weight. Where in reality I worked out the day before and have plans to work out again. So no I probably didn't gain anything... But I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
  2. Did my hair grow? I think it grew.
    Anyone who knows me knows I have a constant battle with a desire for short hair with an internal need and want for long luscious locks. This explains why I will cut my hair, keep it short for a year or so, then decide to grow it out only to cut it off again. Side note- my hair grows extremely slows. So no it did not grow overnight.
  3. Am I going to be late to my appointment (or whatever I have going on)?
    The truth is, I'm rarely ever late. But I do constantly think I am going to be. This is because during my "getting ready" routine I often get distracted. For instance, instead of doing my hair I am currently typing this list even though I have a doctors appointment at 9.
  4. Should I have washed my hair this morning?
    I have met my fair share of individuals who think that not washing my hair is completely disgusting and I have met people who have thought it is completely normal. If I washed my hair every day I think I would practically have hay for hair, it would be THAT dry, so in my mind that justifies only washing my hair once every 2 days. And it's not like I'm some grease ball so it doesn't usually look that bad. I mean...I don't know maybe it does. Don't tell me if it does because I don't want to shower
  5. Did I kill Lil Bill? (My succulent)
    Who ever said succulents are easy to keep was so wrong. My succulent, Lil Bill, who was named not necessarily politically correct due to the recent scandal, is a pain in the butt. He's always needing something and I can never satisfy him! I need water (I think) so I water him... And he drowns. I need sunlight (I think) then I burn him in the sun. GREAT. Not easy I'll tell you that much. So now when I wake up and look out my window it's Lil Bill I see- who now looks very dead but I have no idea.
  6. Did I dress my age today?
    I feel like I am right smack dab in the middle between teenager and adult. I will be 21 soonish but I often struggle with the idea that I might look to young for my age. When do I have to suck it up and be super posh and cool? Maybe never? Maybe I should have already been doing that? I often wonder if people think I'm 20. And usually they don't. I often get people thinking my age is between 16-18. Is it because of the way I dress? How is a 20 year old even suppose to look? Can I Pinterest that?
  7. Shoot am I going to be late now?
  8. How much time does brushing my teeth really take??
    I know there's a specific amount of time you should spend on brushing your teeth but I have no idea what time that is. I usually just let my electric toothbrush do its thing and then follow by flossing and mouth wash. It's one of those things I've always wondered how long it takes but have never timed it. Plus it's not like I really need to know how long it takes. So why do I even care in the first place!?
  9. And to think that was all just in one morning... Stay tuned for more thoughts and a glimpse inside of my crazy brain