...and have more musical/cultural significance/depth in their pinkie fingers than all members of 1D combined. Sorry, ListApp 1D Crew.
  1. Claude Debussy
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    Dude was Impressionism (at least in music). Single-handedly established a new concept of tonality in European music. You'd probably recognize some of his more famous works like Clair de Lune or Nocturnes, but his later Preludes & Etudes are stunningly sublime as well.
  2. Thelonius Monk
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    You do not get more troubled genius than this guy, but the genius component far overrides his eccentricities. As great as Parker, Miles, & Coltrane are, no one could match Monk in sheer brilliance in every aspect of music. He's hard to get into at first, but such work pays off immensely.
  3. Esperanza Spalding
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    😍😍😍 She literally rules the jazz world. One of our best vocalists, & also one of our best bassists. This girl is phenomenal!!! Killer tunes & arrangements to boot. If you've never heard of her, start with her album Radio Music Society.
  4. John Mellencamp
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    Bet you weren't expecting this guy on any of my lists. Dads rejoice! His popular songs are mostly meh, but some of his deeper tracks are gold. Jackie Brown is powerful, his cover of Van Morrison's Wild Night is killer, and the song "Key West Intermezzo" is probably my favorite non-instrumental tune right now.
  5. Melody Gardot
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    Also very much 😍😍😍. Her new album "Currency of Man" blew me away with every aspect: tasty horn/string arrangements, tight band, poetic lyrics, and of course HER SUBLIME VOICE!!!!