Great to be back on ListApp.
  1. The former future president & I are a row apart in Economy on a United flight from Houston to NYC.
    He is clearly not ecstatic about being among us plebeians, but points for effort. United is really like the airline equivalent of Jeb!.
  2. We boarded, waited for an hour, de-planed due to weather, were briefly canceled, soon reinstated, waited another hour, and are finally set to depart again.
    It's all Jeb!'s fault. He's cursed. So much for our plane's "Right to Rise" into the air. His mommy probably called air traffic control because she thinks the world outside of Texas doesn't need another Bush.
  3. We bonded in the Einstein Bros. Bagel line.
    By "bonded" I mean I failed to suppress snickers as someone passing by shouted "PLEASE CLAP!" Like all those carbs are gonna help with your low energy, Jeborah.
  4. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to furtively type this list as he stands behind me in line.
    He's on the phone jabbering on and on about abolishing the electoral college, and how it's better to "start things instead of stop things," the latter of which seems to encompass climate change...yeah, not following.
  5. Perhaps we'll share an Uber...
    If this list disappears, I've successfully evangelized him to ListApp.