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    Without fail, the first thing people ask me when they learn that I play guitar is "Are you in a band?"
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    I'm not, nor have I ever been.
    Not really my thing. Too much drama & such.
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    Instead, I do freelance, & then my own side projects.
    Private parties, corporate events, weddings, funerals, even national anthems at sporting events (a la Hendrix), I do it all.
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    But my main gig is doing lead guitar at a suburban mega-church.
    Where my profile pic came from, actually!
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    I've been doing this since freshman year in high school.
    It has helped me grow immensely as a musician & meet many amazing musicians. Plus, it pays well enough that I don't need a part time job, & I can pick & choose other gigs based on how much the music interests me, rather than basing my decisions on money. And I get to rock out in front of 5,000+ people per week 🎸🎸🎸
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    For the past couple years, I've also been music directing here.
    Which means I have a mic that only the band can hear, from which I give cues, avert train wrecks, make jokes, call out celebrity look-alikes in the audience, etc.
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    We do lots of interesting music too!
    The "church songs" are mostly meh, but we do plenty of covers to spice things up. Message in a Bottle, Superstition, Man in the Mirror, Happy, and lots of others (I'll make a list for these sometime).
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    And that's what I do as a musician!
    Love reading about the great work all you fellow ListApp musicians/singer songwriters do! Thought'd if share mine. Keep it up y'all!
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    So yeah, I'm basically @john 😎