I did take her. On a Friday night. It was insanely packed and all the rides were over an hour long so all we did was walk around and took pictures.
  1. They had Darths costume for sale for about $4500. No thanks.
  2. Disneyland was too packed so we migrated to California adventure which was way less crowded. Much better.
  3. It was turnt up in Cali adventure. They practically had a mini rave in there. Starting these kids early I guess
  4. This is a must watch for any person visiting the park. The genie is one funny MF.
  5. I fee like this is an obligatory photo. Everybody always takes a picture of the Ferris wheel.
  6. This one too. But cars land is just way too cool at night to not take a picture.
  7. Would've actually gotten on some rides if it wasn't so damn long of a wait. We didn't even park at the park. Had to take a shuttle from one of the disconnected lots. Smh. Until next time Disneyland. 😬