My Apps

A list of some of the apps I use most on my iPad and Android phone. I've put my username for each app in brackets. I could take forever detailing those I subscribe to or have tried, but at the time of posting this list these the apps I find most interesting
  1. Facebook (Jeff Wright)
    Doesn't need explanation, we all know Facebook
  2. Twitter (JeffersOnHere)
    Another network, almost as popular as Facebook
  3. Peach (JeffersOnHere)
    The app I use most, provides a feed where users can post text, photos, 15-second videos, links to other things on the internet. The interaction between other users is, in my opinion, the best part of this app
  4. Natter (JeffersOnHere)
    The short and sweet chatting app. Closed down on 29th July, but we're promised by the powers that be it will return. Allows posts to your followers not exceeding 53 characters with an optional 15 character hashtag and an optional image or hyperlink. Natter went through several incarnations during It's lifetime, the image shown here was during the day's of posts consisting of just three words and a hashtag
  5. (JeffersOnHere)
    This is
  6. Path (JeffersOnHere)
    Similar in many ways to Peach, not sure of it's popularity, as despite my being on there for about three years I've yet to find someone to follow or had someone follow me
  7. Ello (JeffersOnHere)
    Another network that I've been on for a few years without a lot of interaction with other users. But lots of interesting posts from many users mainly concentrating on various forms of art work
  8. Snapchat (JeffersOnHere)
    This is an app that I spent a long time avoiding, as I just didn't think it would be of interest to me. But I was very wrong, as this has become one of my favourite apps. An app that just bursts with features. You do need to read up on these features or get tuition from an existing user as the features are not self explanatory, and this is my only criticism of Snapchat
  9. SNOW (JeffersOnHere)
    Very similar to Snapchat but not so feature laden. One major difference with SNOW is the number of face masks available, vastly outnumbering those available with Snapchat
  10. Periscope (JeffersOnHere)
    Live streaming. At the time of writing this must be the most popular of the live streaming apps available, although Facebook Live, which is a part of the Facebook app, is catching up fast. With this app you essentially broadcast live via your front or back camera your thoughts and/or the events occurring around you. Viewers interact by posting text comments which scroll up the screen. Some very interesting people broadcast. Well worth downloading even if you don't intend to broadcast
  11. Hype (JeffersOnHere)
    Live streaming is currently the talk of the town, and there are many players out there, all trying to beat each other. At this time, Hype is the new kid on the block, and I believe it has great potential to become the number one live streaming app. Hype allows easy combining together of broadcasters live video, images, video, viewer interaction and we are promised much more. Each element can be placed anywhere on the screen, making a very eye catching experience. Do check this one out
  12. Instagram (JeffersOnHere)
    We all know Instagram don't we? Owned by Facebook, this is a delightful app that has an easy leaning curve and essentially allows you to post photos and videos up to two minutes in length. You can follow other users and they can follow you, allowing posts of said users to appear in each of your feeds. Recently added to Instagram is the ability to add stories in a similar way to Snapchat that self-delete 24 hours after posting
  13. SUPER (JeffersOnHere)
    It's a little sad that updates on this app seem to have been discontinued. As a consequence the version I have on my Android phone any partially works, crashing if you try to use the main menu. However still a fun app and works well on my iPad. The concept is quite simple, you firstly pick a heading for your first from about 30 supplied suggestions. Then write some text, no longer than one sentence. Finally select a photo from suggestions given, camera or camera roll and apply an optional affect
  14. Frontback (JeffersOnHere)
    This is a clever little fun app, where the concept is quite simple. The idea is you take a photo with your front camera, then one with your rear camera, write some optional text and post. Other users then like your two photos by tapping on the heart icon in the centre of the screen or make a comment, which can be a photo, a video or text. That's the idea, but these basic rules can be amended, both photos can be taken with the same camera and you can now uploaded photo(s) from your camera roll
  15. Vine (JeffersOnHere)
    Vine is an app that is due to close very soon, unless a miracle occurs and it receives a reprieve, and is able to continue. At the time of making this post Vine is still alive and has during the past few years been one of the most popular apps. Each Vine post consists of a six second snap of video. The video can either be recorded from within Vine or imported from your camera roll. Optional text can be added and an option to share your post with Twitter (whom own Vine) or Facebook
  16. AudioBoom (JeffersOnHere)
    A clever app, where you can produce your own audio show of a maximum length of ten minutes, or even longer duration on payment of a fee. I've had quite a bit of fun making recordings that I've uploaded to AudioBoom. To produce something of any sophistication you will need to use equipment that allows editing of your audio, and upload with laptop or desktop computer. But still a nice app and well worth checking out