When I want certain foods, I have my "go to" restaurants in the area that don't disappoint in preparing them (in my opinion). This list is not exhaustive by any means, just a few of my favorites.
  1. CHICKEN FRIED RICE Spider Sushi - Rockford, IL
  2. HAMBURGER Meatheads - Normal, IL (and various other locations)
  3. TACOS (authentic) Mi Ranchito - Rockford, IL
  4. TACOS (Americanized) Belair - Milwaukee, WI
  5. BURRITOS Chipotle- Rockford, IL (and various other locations)
  6. CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP Noodles- Rockford, IL (and various other locations)
  7. LASAGNA Maciano's - Rockford, IL (and various other locations)
  8. PIZZA (local favorite) Capri - Rockford, IL
  9. PIZZA (out of town favorite) Lou Malnati's - Schaumburg, IL
  10. SALAD (chopped) Lou Malnati's - Schaumburg, IL
  11. BEEF SANDWICH Portillos - Rockford, IL
  12. SWEDISH PANCAKES Stockholm Inn Restaurant- Rockford, IL
  13. BREAKFAST Potato Shak - Rockford, IL
  14. FRENCH FRIES Beef-a-Roo - Rockford, IL
  15. HUMMUS (and other Mediterranean delicacies) Safari - Rockford, IL
  16. EGG ROLLS Bamboo - Rockford, IL
  17. BROCCOLI BEEF (and other Chinese delicacies) Lung Fung (7th st) - Rockford, IL
  18. CHICKEN SANDWICH Chik-Fil-a - Rockford, IL (and various other locations)
  19. TIRAMISU Maciano's - Rockford, IL
  20. FROZEN CUSTARD Kopp's - Milwaukee, WI
  21. COFFEE (local favorite) Rockford Roasters - Rockford, IL
  22. COFFEE (out of town favorite) Colectivo - Milwaukee, IL
  23. STEAK - Texas Roadhouse
    Good every time! Best Ribeye!