Just Now, When I Thought I Saw Chris Mathews

  1. That can't be Chris Mathews.
    Surely he lives in New York or something.
  2. But it really looks like him.
    Am I staring? I think I'm staring. Stop staring.
  3. It's probably not even him.
  4. Five minutes and one Google search later...
  5. Holy shit!
  6. It WAS him.
  7. He lives right next to my neighborhood!
    How did I not know this?!
  8. Chris Mathews shops at my Safeway!
  9. Why didn't I say something to him?!
    Gah! What is wrong with me?!
  10. Pause.
  11. I'm the kind of person who freaks out about recognizing Chris Mathews in a Safeway parking lot.
  12. I'm a total nerd.
  13. Who can't handle spotting journalists/political commentators.
  14. Good thing it wasn't Chris Pine.
    I might have actually fainted.