Hangovers. We've all had them. Here's a list of reasons to avoid them, in case you forgot.
  1. Headache.
    Duh. Pretty much the most apparent side effect of hangover and probably the worst.
  2. Stomach ache.
    I feel like I wanna barf but I'm also too sick to get out of bed. You do the math.
  3. No appetite.
    Gosh, some food would probably help me soak up the alcohol in my body, or at least provide some substance for me to otherwise push the remaining alcohol out of my body. But no. No, I don't want to vomit as soon as the food hits my tongue, so I'll just hold off for 6 more hours.
  4. Puking.
    I mean, Hey, at least I'm one step closer to evacuating the alcohol from my body. But no one likes puking. Unless you're some kind of freak.
  5. Wasting literally an entire day in bed.
    I had the day off of work. Everything was supposed to be magic and rainbows. Or at least Twitter and Call of Duty, more realistically. But no. Let me just lay here all day, alternating between short naps and periods of pained and wasted wakefulness.
  6. Knowing this literally could have been avoided.
    Damn me.... Damn me to hell.