Was holding this because there are so many more to add but fuck it, Draft Week.
  1. Tiny planes
    Suddenly a bunch of my friends are thinking about getting their pilot's licenses PLEASE DO NOT. The only time I went skydiving, the best part was getting the fuck out of the plane.
  2. That I will jump off a cliff or tall building on an impulse
    Not an intentional suicide -- just a moment of impulse. Apparently this feeling is so common that it now has a name: high place phenomenon. Finding that out made me feel really connected to the rest of humanity. But also less original.
  3. That I will accidentally die while in a fight with a loved one and this will haunt them for the rest of their lives
    Tell them I still loved them!
  4. Accidentally double clicking on a picture while deep Instagram stalking
    Probably my number one fear if you were going by frequency.
  5. Sushirrito
    Why are the lines always out the door?
  6. My cats dying
    The degree of anxiety I feel over unlikely scenarios like a cat getting into the fridge, washing machine, or oven suggests that I should never have children.
  7. That soulmates exist and I already met mine and he turned out to be a sociopath