The last they ever heard from me.
  1. Oh, have fun! 🌊🌴👙
  2. Well I can't do tonight but I'll let you know. :)
  3. I'm finishing up at Marlowe. You home? It's been awhile, we could catch up.
  4. Thanks! 😁
  5. Well I was wishing you luck, but judging by how often you're on OKC at the same time I am, I guess it's not going great. 😯
  6. Nah, I'm about to go to sleep.
  7. I fucking despise you, not for cheating on me, but for wasting years of my life by not telling me sooner. (It was the best thing you've ever said to me. It means I didn't lose anything that was worth having.)
  8. Cool, have fun!