1. An August night in San Francisco, late
  2. A 2-seater with the top down and heated seats
  3. A 2-hour drive north to Point Reyes
  4. The smell of pine trees and ocean
  5. A memory of oysters and grilled garlic bread with a person you don't think about anymore
  6. A right turn onto a winding road to escape the cloud cover
  7. The astronaut feeling as the acceleration pushes you back against your seat
  8. The relinquishing of control of a passenger who trusts the driver
  9. A blanket on the ground
  10. The stars overhead
  11. The radiant heat of the engine
  12. The sudden obviousness of constellations never seen before
  13. The ease of a friendship where you both know no one's going to try to kiss anyone
  14. The cold air biting your ankles at the gap between the cuff of your jeans and the top of your socks
  15. The startling warmth back in the car, top still down, windows up: a wind-sheltered observatory
  16. The fight against sleep on the drive back, waking with a start in every tunnel
  17. Home.