1. I was at a fancy Silicon Valley party.
  2. It was so opulent that every person's entree was a stuffed pig's head.
  3. You know, like how at a feast there is a pig's head with an apple in the mouth. Except on every. Person's. Plate.
  4. Well, not on the vegetarians' plates. But they were still grossed out.
  5. It was a dinner of excess. (Tech people.)
  6. As I turned to my dish, I noticed something uncanny.
  7. Don't get me wrong, there was no mistaking that this was definitely a pig. But it was ... hauntingly human looking.
  8. Small nose, pointed chin, ears flat not floppy.
  9. These pigs had been specially bred to look as human as possible.
  10. Mine even had a little bit of curly head hair.
  11. Just in case it wasn't clear, this was a dream.