Whoever he may be.
  1. Pulphead: Essays, John Jeremiah Sullivan
    I will give this to him early to make him fall in love with me.
  2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion
    He needs at least a basic education in Joan if this is going to work.
  3. The Devil's Teeth, Susan Casey
    So we can talk about sharks in an educated fashion.
  4. Sam the Cat and Other Stories, Matthew Klam
    So he knows I'm on to him.
  5. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight, Alexandra Fuller
    Not an all-time fave, but to check that he'd be down to ditch everything and live like this.
  6. Sex at Dawn, Cacilda Jetha and Christopher Ryan
    I don't love this book but at some point we need to have a frank talk about the viability of long-term monogamy, and this is as good a starting point as any.
  7. Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace
    Odds are, he will have started it a million times but never finished it. It is time.
  8. Levels of Life, Julian Barnes
    If he doesn't love me like this then I'm not interested. I'm being flippant because this book is so powerful that it hurts to talk about.