1. Taking my 13-years-younger brother, who I'm trying to get to know better now that he's in college near me, out to dinner, and laughing out loud at how unexpectedly funny he is
  2. Stumbling upon ramenoke (ramen + karaoke) while all alone on my bike in the middle of nowhere at 5 am at Burning Man
    The ramen was extra spicy and tasted so good.
  3. Me and @sagudo meeting @samboyd IRL and he was even better than anticipated
    He came prepared, with a bathing suit and a bottle of wine.
  4. The realization that 5 nights in a row of nightmares can make me feel safe and snuggly in real life
    Not right when I wake up, but later.
  5. Jess Zimmerman's essay on her "early midlife crisis"
  6. Trying a 3x3, instead of the usual double double, at In-N-Out, and finding out that there is such a thing as too much
    It's good to discover your limits.
  7. The Ticketmaster customer service rep in episode 2 of the Mystery Show podcast: "You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness."
    Whoa! I just googled this and it is actually lyrics from that Gotye song!
  8. Writing a poem about a person I miss
    It must never be shared, but reading it makes me happy. Nailed it.
  9. While talking to friends, I couldn't remember the word "smegma" so I googled "penis cheese" to figure it out (which worked perfectly). And then Stefan said, earnestly, "I didn't realize that was cheese."
  10. Opening Instagram to 30 notifications - each and every one of which was my friend Paige liking my old posts
  11. Thinking about where I want to go for vacation in December/January
    Cuba? India?