1. E thought it was gross when I picked up the T-bone with my hands to gnaw on it.
    He was wrong, it was actually very sexy.
  2. T and I sang 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, on a bus, after Outside Lands. We both knew by bottle 93.
    Together, we had anti-charisma.
  3. C said dating me was 'emasculating,' and he preferred dating women who let him pay for everything.
    how do you do the one of the guy shrugging
  4. M cheated.
    I go long stretches without thinking about it, now, and then suddenly I remember again and it's still sharp.
  5. D didn't feel about me the way the narrator in Disclosure's Latch feels about someone, and it troubled him.
    But that way sounds pretty terrible to me.