Both are accurate, but the latter would be more precise.
  1. Sick of explaining that Thousand Oaks is NOT in the valley.
    It's in Ventura County, and the area code is 805, not 818.
  2. Ventura County -- beaches and aging hippies! Thousand Oaks -- Amgen and the Oaks Mall (recently rebranded as just 'The Oaks').
  3. Suburb anxiety: saying Ventura County obscures just how suburban my upbringing was. I could be from a ranch in Ojai! Or the streets of Oxnard!
  4. My sister gets mad when I say T.O. She claims that technically our parents' house is in Westlake Village.
  5. Northern Californians dgaf anyway; they only understand LA, basically-LA, and not-LA.
    I love 'em but their hatred of LA is the worst part of their personalities. Sometimes I just tell them I'm from LA.
  6. I mean, Thousand Oaks is in the CONEJO Valley, sure. That is not THE valley.
  7. So stop saying that I'm 'from the valley.' Not that there's anything wrong with being from the valley!
  8. It's just not correct.
    You are thinking of Sherman Oaks.