I was laid off in June (welcome to LA!), so I'm going through a tough time professionally (and, as a result, emotionally). So now I'm really getting to know myself - for good and bad - and I'm figuring stuff out.
  1. Law & Order: SVU
    This show is on all day every day and it's the best background noise for pretty much my whole day. Also I never remember who is guilty.
  2. Sleep
    I knew this before, but I really get it now. You know how when you wake up you really wish you could stay in bed. I can do that now.
  3. Rainy Days
    These are rare in LA and I miss them, especially because they always make me feel A-OK about staying in bed all day.
  4. My Mom
    We've been through a lot of bad times (I'm a champion brat), but we have to make an effort now to see each other so I try not to be cranky. Also she's going to keep me off skid row when my money runs out. Bless her.
  5. Facebook
    I know. I know. Everyone hates it. But it lets me continue to feel connected to the outside world. I'd be going crazy without it.
  6. Strangers
    Not all of them - NOT the guy who spit on me twice. But as I start to meet people who are not in the entertainment industry, I'm impressed with how generous and friendly people can be. I really hope it rubs off on me.
  7. Matt Bellassai
    I so look forward to his saucy "Whine About It Wednesdays." I want to be BFFs with him.
  8. Cat Agent
    There's a Tumblr called Cat Agent - a comic about a cat who is an agent to the cats of celebrities. He doesn't have many followers so I worry he'll go away and it's just adorable.
  9. Donny & Marie
    My cats. Of course.
  10. Scrabble/Words with Friends
    Another way that I feel connected to friends and family - several of whom aren't on Facebook. Also there's nothing quite so delightful as playing two 100+ point words in one day. That was a good day.
  11. Bubble Baths
    I go days without showering but I LOVE my bathtub. I can watch TV from it. Enough said.
  12. The Basics
    I've got an apartment, a car, food, clothes, wine, cable, healthy friends & family, and a safety net (thanks, Mom!) and I know not everyone is so lucky.
    I'm volunteering now and applying to grad school and making lists like this one. These are all things I wouldn't have had time for while doing my former job.
  14. Manicure Removal
    I'm torn on this one but I should be honest. Once my gel manicure starts to chip, I'm obsessed with picking it off. It's gross and bad for my nails but so weirdly rewarding.
  15. Uncertainty
    I've got no idea where I'll end up or how bad it will get before it gets better BUT I will do all I can to make this job loss the best thing that's ever happened to me. And the uncertainty is definitely better than the certainty of going to a job I hate every day making money for people who don't deserve it.