I've had many great times with @Shannon13 over the years and since she's new here, I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane. Hopefully she's ok with it.
  1. We visited with a former colleague in Portland. (No mannequins were hurt in the making of this photo.)
  2. This is the corn soup we both had at a fancy restaurant in Chicago. That's a garlic marshmallow on top. I still have dreams about that soup.
  3. Shannon LOVES Pearl Jam. I like Pearl Jam. When we saw them at Madison Square Garden I got 10th row seats. Shannon did not. I still feel guilty.
  4. Shannon's bridal shower was at a gorgeous vineyard in Virginia. She's not in this picture, but you get the idea.
  5. This is Shannon getting hitched to Jason in Baltimore. They are adorable and perfect for each other. I got drunk and had a blast with Shannon's mom.
  6. Meet Jack. He's Shannon and Jason's baby boy. I took care of him a few times. He's complex.
  7. Watching the royal wedding at a pub at 5am in Bethesda, MD. Also, bangs!
  8. Day drinking in DC - a pretty great Saturday guaranteed. A rare pic of a clean shaven Jason.
  9. At the DC Roller Derby with a cameo appearance by Marcella who is a favorite of mine and loved by Shannon.
  10. Shannon's husband having an awesome hair day at the Red Derby in DC.
  11. We very white people went to the beach in North Carolina. I think this is the most PDA I've seen from these two. I thank them for that.
  12. Happy New Year! This was at the epic bi-annual Marie & Kent new year party. I miss that.
  13. One of our best friends, Christy, got married at the Barns at Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. It was beautiful!
  14. The Veuve Cliquot camper came to DC so we had to check it out along with friends Christy & Alexis.
  15. My 40th birthday party in Atlantic City was spectacular and, of course, Shannon (not pictured) was there.
  16. That's us! We're lovely.
  17. A badly lit but delicious Thanksgiving feast! That's Shannon on the left, her sister, the chef (on a break), his girlfriend, and Marcella. YUM!
  18. My office in MD (shown here) had an amazing view of Shannon's office across the hall. It was great while it lasted.
  19. We saw Nine Inch Nails at the Verizon Center in DC and it was spectacular.
  20. Celebrating the Agatha Christie's Poirot finale premiere on Acorn TV. (I made those mustache sticks myself!)
  21. Our friend Alexis (not pictured here) is having a baby so we had to shower her before Shannon moved to LA.
  22. Celebrating our collective move from DC to LA with a Coronarita on the Santa Monica Pier.
  23. It's us again! Looking good, ladies.