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  1. I walked
  2. I saw swans
  3. I watched the storm roll in
  4. I took an "artsy" shot of the storm rolling in
Based on my personal experience.
  1. Take 2 Panadine
  2. Think the pain will last forever
  3. Eat chocolate for the happy endorphins
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A few things about me
  1. Filmmaker
    Ok I haven't released my blockbuster hit YET. What I HAVE done is completed a film degree at UTS, written, directed and produced two successful short films, worked as a freelancer, uploaded over 100 short skits and movies to YouTube and am currently employed full time to make videos for half naked, sexy athletes in the health industry.
  2. Author
    In 2015 I self published my first book. It's called How To Hack Your Retail Job. I worked in retail for 8 years and learnt A LOT about cutting corners and how to take on all the BS that customers dish out WITHOUT taking it personally. I was shocked that a lot of my coworkers hadn't figured out similar ways to make their job easier so I wrote down my ideas and turned it into my first book! Websites in my profile.
  3. Lesbian
    Whilst this shouldn't be something that "defines" me, it does play a pretty big role in my life. I mean women are pretty hot. And Anna Kendrick *heartfelt gasp* I'm just going to rewatch Pitch Perfect now, specifically the 2nd one when she starts to question her sexuality...
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