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  1. Travis, in both name and face, seems too young to be a park ranger.
  2. The German couple cannot get enough photos.
    Selfie with Mary Todd's fancy wooden toilet? They are on it.
  3. The Lincoln Library, across the street, is an actual library.
    Do not get it twisted.
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Meaningful gifts that require minimal effort
  1. Leave more than 2 drops of milk in the carton for his coffee.
  2. Mow the lawn
  3. Do not fix anything as a "gift"
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If you are considering divorce and have children-this list contains advantages that you may not have considered.
  1. Every other weekend is free of responsibility.
  2. You may give away some of your money but at least it's not ALL of your money.
  3. Finally, sharing of parental duties.
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I want to help others by learning through my struggle
  1. Constant noise
  2. Enduring a lifetime of bodily functions that are not your own
  3. You hear your name so often you want to change it
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