Gettin' my Springfield on.
  1. Travis, in both name and face, seems too young to be a park ranger.
  2. The German couple cannot get enough photos.
    Selfie with Mary Todd's fancy wooden toilet? They are on it.
  3. The Lincoln Library, across the street, is an actual library.
    Do not get it twisted.
  4. The real stovetop hat is at The Smithsonian.
    Not on a hook in the hall.
  5. A woman volunteers to dress in traditional garb and provides her own costume. SHE IS NOT PAID.
    It's 90 degrees, 97% humidity, the parasol is a prop in every sense.
  6. The French couples are so colorful...and in shorts.
    I can't help but feel like they "think" they should dress this way. And when they go home they will resume their natural elegance. Thanks American tourists in France!
  7. I am moved by the answers given on why the international tourists came to Lincoln's home.
    "He is a man that changed your nation, his sacrifice for the greater good."
  8. "Appalling that Trump will carry on Lincoln's legacy."
    😣 😳😞 An older Ranger, my husband and I dying in slow, mortifying, shame. All saying quickly, "we didn't vote for him."