I regret only the accompanying weight gain.
  1. Smoked turkey tit.
  2. My husband's killer apple-sausage stuffing, made with homemade gluten free brioche and a ridiculous amount of butter.
  3. The vodka cranberry sauce I make that only gets boozier with time.
  4. Gravy. Seriously, why do we not eat more gravy?
  5. Pecan pie in a gluten free chocolate cookie crust.
  6. Spicy marinated pretzels.
  7. My mom's Southern Comfort Manhattans. The perfect accompaniment to the aforementioned pretzels.
  8. My dad's famous biscuits and gravy.
  9. My uncle's perfect homemade salami.
  10. Whipped cream shots.
  11. Prosciutto, the most perfect of preserved meats.
  12. Paella. Because why not.
  13. Greatest hits of the weekend, aka leftovers.