I know their cultural references because they are so embedded in pop culture - mostly The Simpsons. But I've never actually seen them.
  1. The Shining.
    Hotel with twins or kid on tricycle. Crazy face of Jack through a door. Olive Oil actress.
  2. The Godfather.
    Horse head. To the mattresses - but only because of You've Got Mail. Everything Joe Pesci does.
  3. Midnight Cowboy.
    I'm walkin' here! I know it's Dustin Hoffman in NY - I've seen the clip. Haven't a clue what the movie is about.
  4. Footloose.
    Religious teens dancing in a barn, Kevin Bacon and that jacket, small town preachers. Often mixed up with Flashdance.
  5. Alien.
    Creature coming out of your chest. Bald Sigourney Weaver.
  6. RoboCop
    Usually by process of elimination if it's an future-metal looking angry thing it's either Terminator or RoboCop
  7. Exorcist
    The spewing of peas by a demon girl.
  8. Taxi Driver
    You talkin' to me? Jodi Foster very young