Once upon a time I attempted to be a sneaky little thing.
  1. I didn't steal those pink buttons, I got them at my Girl Scout meeting.
    I still feel horrible about this one, I DID steal them when my mom wasn't looking because I couldn't decide if I wanted pink or purple and knew she wouldn't buy both.
  2. Yes, I finished my homework.
  3. Yes, I know what flicking someone off means.
    No clue, just did it because a 5th grader told me to and that's how things go when you're only in 3rd grade.
  4. I don't have any homework tonight.
    Rarely. Maybe this was true on Christmas break.
  5. No we didn't get our report cards today.
    Honestly, Liz (my sister) probably got hers today because they're doing the older grades first.
  6. Yes I cleaned my room.
    (It's all neatly shoved under my bed!)
  7. That's not mine, the boys asked me to throw it away.
    The empty bottle of vodka you found in my drawer was not consumed by me, my guy friends just couldn't find a trash can. Not convincing?
  8. I'm at Mary's house, we have the TV on.
    I'm at Alex's house and his parents are gone and half the school is here drunk.
  9. Yes, I have enough money to eat.