Boys, Identified by Their One Liners, and How It Ended

  1. "You look cute today, ya nerdddd."
    I ended it after the fourth date. He seemed civil until he left and bombarded me with text messages begging for a reason.
  2. "You're soooo hot" *grunt*
    I didn't respond and he never reached out again.
  3. "You're a smoke show."
    When he asked me to have a threesome, I blocked his number :)
  4. "You're beautiful."
    I cancelled the fourth date. Texted the next day I met someone else. Half true.
  5. "Come here, beautiful."
    Ghosting *LOADING 87%*
  6. "I hope eventually you play girlfriend for more than one night."
    He stopped acknowledging me in public, so I stopped considering him as potential.
  7. "If he doesn't talk about you 24/7, it's his loss."
    Ended before it began. Part of me hopes we get a chance someday. Part of me knows we won't.
  8. "I want you to be Mrs. **********"
    He didn't say a word while I was breaking up with him. Single tear as I drove away.