Recipe for a very happy Tuesday, March 15th 2016...
  1. Pulled a 94 on my philosophy exam 📚
    ...that I finished in 15 min last week. 2nd highest score out of both sections! Proud moment for a nerd. Also 99 on spanish composition and 95 on presentation. College is 🍰
  2. Serving at Gompers👧🏾👦🏾❤️
    one of the girls said I had a pretty name. Such a sweetie! Then after I worked with Elijah for an hour on math and reading, he hugged me before he left and said "Thank You."
  3. Swam 20 laps🏊
    Only 1/2 the distance I need to conquer for my triathlon but LADIES & GENTLEMEN I WENT TO THE POOL! Post-workout cupcake was well deserved.
  4. 1 more for good measure 💅🏼
    when I walked into Spanish class today, my partner Gabby got really excited and waved and said hi before I even sat down. Then she and Danielle made a point to ask me about my break and it was just really nice. I didn't think we were that close but their friendship made me smile!!