What I'm stocking up on before I leave Japan

Lucky enough to have spent 2.5 years in Japan, I'm headed back to the US but not until I stock up on these everyday items
  1. Stretchy footy sox- the more colorful the better. They are comfy and perfect when you something between bare feet and slippers
  2. Satiny stretchy sox to line dress shoes
  3. This after bite treatment- it takes the itch out of mosquito bites and makes round welts disappear
  4. Origami paper. I know you can by it in the US. But I like the variety and quality and price
  5. Quirky post it notes
  6. Beautiful greeting cards and post cards
  7. Frixion ball pens- they erase but not like any erasable pen in a the US. They are perfect! And they make markers too!
  8. These clothes dryers are perfect for air drying clothing
  9. Hedgehog cards
  10. Origami lens cleaners
  11. Sumo stationary
  12. Cooling towels
  13. Kimekomi craft supplies
  14. Fuji ice cube maker