Clutch Public Bathrooms in NYC

These spots are sure to be clean and won't require a code, a purchase or a long wait. When you've really got to go...
  1. The Nomad Hotel
    28th & Broadway (Flatiron) This is definitely one of the swankiest places to relieve yourself in the city. Enter through the front doors of the hotel and take a left. The facilities are down the stairs to the right and guarantee to be fully stocked with toilet paper, mouthwash and lotion. Treat yoself.
  2. REI
    Lafayette & Houston (Nolita) Nothing fancy here, but you're sure to get some privacy, as there are rarely any other occupants. Head downstairs one level and straight back to the shoe department. The bathrooms are on the left. As an added bonus, there's a water fountain that's perfect for filling up your water bottle.
  3. Apple Store - Fifth Avenue
    58th & 5th Ave (Midtown) Strolling through Central Park or window shopping along Fifth Avenue when nature calls? Look to the big glass cube and go downstairs to the left. You're good to go no matter the time—this store is open 24 hours.
  4. Nordstrom Rack
    E 14th & 4th Ave (Union Square) Make a pit stop after hitting up the Greenmarket near this popular transportation hub. The bathrooms are down the escalator in the back right corner of the store by the fitting rooms.
  5. Brookfield Place
    Vesey St & West St (World Trade Center) Upstairs near the food court at Hudson Eats is an ideal place to avoid any bathroom-related emergencies. Plus, the beautiful building and excellent food options make it a fine place to linger after you've taken care of business.
  6. Time Warner Center
    8th Ave & Broadway (Columbus Circle) For potty breaks on the West side, look no further than the Shops at Columbus Circle. Facilities are located on the far ends of both the second and third floors, so waiting should never be an issue. Make sure to enjoy the great view of Central Park once you can focus on something other than looking for a bathroom.