Foods I Crave After a Day (or Night) of Drinking

Guess what I did yesterday...and what I want to do today.
  1. Tacos
    The authentic kind—two corn tortillas, slow cooked meat, onions, cilantro & lime, maybe some salsa. Nothing fancy.
  2. Nachos
    So loaded with cheese and toppings the chips can barely stand the weight.
  3. Indian
    Not just one dish—a buffet that offers so many amazing options that I'll go back for round two even though I shouldn't.
  4. Fried Chicken
    And all the things that inevitably come with it—classic soul food spread.
  5. Falafel
    Because now is the time to be "healthy"
  6. Italian Hero
    With all the meats. And chips. I'll tell myself that I'll only eat half...and then...