While these simple rules are especially useful in NYC for avoiding the shame and humiliation of being a jerk, please feel free to use them anywhere.
  1. Riding the escalator? Stay to the right.
    It's fine if you don't want to walk up the escalator. Nobody's mad at you for taking your time. But, they will be if you're standing on the left side. Some people are in a hurry or like the exercise or just cant stand still for two minutes. Leave a lane clear for these go-getters to do their thing.
  2. Let people off the train before getting on.
    What's the rush? The subway isn't going to suddenly pull away without you. Be patient and courteous and let the passengers off before shoving your way on. Doing so makes you a decent human, and helps the flow of traffic, preventing unnecessary delays. (This rule also applies to elevators.)
  3. Don't lean on the pole in the subway.
    The pole is there for all riders to hold on to for stability, which is really hard to do if you're all over it. Take a step back and share.
  4. Share the sidewalk.
    Holding hands with your love or walking side by side with your crew may seem harmless, but you are likely taking up the entire sidewalk and preventing others from being able to get around you. So, let go and step into a single file to let people by. You can resume your original formation once they've passed, but be prepared to separate again—there are a lot of people in this city, and they all have somewhere to go.
  5. Use your headphones.
    No one wants to hear your music or the sound effects to the game your playing. Keep the noise to yourself.