24 hours of awkward interactions in very public places
  1. Freshened up in the bathroom at the American Museum of Natural History
    Desperate times call for a trip to the bathroom in the hall of primates, where I put in my contacts, washed my face, and fixed my hair amid side-glances from mildly concerned tourists.
  2. Ate a tuna sandwich on the sidewalk
    My lunch was neither gourmet or upscale: I ate a dry tuna sandwich while waiting in line for tickets to see the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
  3. Bought a photocopy for a man from Tonga
    We were both sent to fed ex for copies by the French consulate, and his debit card wasn't working. It turns out he's an artist with shows all over the world. Hopefully I'll be able to check out one of his European shows next year.
  4. Swallowed an ice cube, whole
    This one was an accident. I almost choked to death in a French-style cafe, but fortunately it melted. Embarrassing but not life-ending.
  5. Went to bed at 9:00
    I was just so tired. The girl in the bunk below me went to bed even earlier, though, so at least I wasn't the squarest one in the dorm.