Disclaimer: I don't like shopping. I'm not a fashionista. I shop maybe three times a year. That is why I get so excited to find stuff I love. And then I buy it in three colors. This list is in no way sponsored. Just sharing what I honestly like and have bought with my own moolah.
  1. Mossimo Slim Jogger Sweatpants from Target $19.99
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    No need to spend a bunch of money on the high end sweats. These fit and feel great.
  2. Lorac Pro Mascara $23.00
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    Yes, this is a lot to spend on Mascara. But I promise you will not be disappointed. I've never thought there was any big difference in mascara until I got this one. It looks amazing, doesn't smudge, lasts all day and comes off with face wash. Perfection.
  3. American Eagle Jean Jacket $39.99
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    Every closet should have a jean jacket and American Eagle is the place to buy one. In fact, all their jackets are cute.
  4. Lucky Brand Handbag $60-170
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    For a casual, every day handbag this is the place to go. Sturdy, fashionable, good price, good quality.
  5. J Crew Toothpick Jeans $125
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    I have not loved a pair of jeans like this in a long long time. Less expensive than designer brands, great fit, stretchy, I love them so much. If they were a man I'd make out with them because they are so hot and make me feel so good.
  6. Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress $200-400
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    Every woman must own one DVF wrap dress in her lifetime. It doesn't matter who you are, these dresses will look amazing on you. I'm serious. Any age, height, weight...this dress is design miracle. No wonder everyone from Madonna to Princess Kate to Michelle Obama has one. Avail on eBay for $99.
  7. Madewell Mira Heel $168
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    I love this store. But my big find recently were their shoes. COMFORTABLE and totally chic. The accessories are great here too.