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  1. I think I would've strangled someone in this bullshit faculty meeting if you didn't exist
  2. Still here.
after school, anyway
  1. So I spent the whole day feeling really stressed and scared for our country
  2. I called my senators & representative
    It felt good, & if my 19 yr old daughter can do it, so can I! Here she is at the Women's March.
  3. Took these hooligans on a walk.
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I'll add to this over time, it's a bottomless well of want but don't need in my head.
  1. Let That Shit Go mug
    Would've already bought this if it wasn't out of stock in orange. Convinced it would cause me to actually let that shit go.
  2. Thomas Jefferson Bible
    He cut out the parts he thought should be included, and cut and pasted to have the Greek, Latin, French, and King James English.
  3. These blankets & throws
    All the blankets and throws, honestly. I have a problem.
  4. LLBean down sweater jacket
    I seriously don't bc I already have a down jacket & I just got a calf-length down coat so I can walk my dogs when it's 0°. But it's pretty!
about Corinne and when I run out of thoughts, other Bachelor stuff, add please
  1. She literally said I Made Corinne Great again.
  2. She has an adult nanny who 'loves' to do things for her.
    Like Trump never getting the people kissing his ass are getting paid.
  3. She doesn't follow the norms of the show.
    Sleeping through the rose ceremony. Actually this could be its own list.
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day after the election , brought to you by the letter f Usually I'm optimistic to a possibly dysfunctional degree, but not today.
  1. Fuck Trump
  2. Fuck white people
  3. Fuck Kansas
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  1. Leggings and girls wearing leggings are the biggest thing
    Yes, bigger than talking about students making racist comments.
  1. This is from a birthday card at Target, but it is the most ENFP/Enneagram 7 thing ever.
    I'm working on being optimistic but not AGGRESSIVELY optimistic.
  2. Trixie and me in our basement during a tornado warning last week.
    We are ok. Welcome to Kansas!
  3. I am very upset about this, JK Rowling!
    Nobody asked for a hyena patronus, WTH.
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school librarian edition, requested by @BrentMWiggins
  1. Your reading habits. But we don't judge.
  2. Which teachers get it and which don't.
    Are you still reading the Boxcar Children and acting like it's relevant? I see you! Haven't read a new children 's or YA book since you graduated? I can tell. 😒
  3. How to unjam literally any printer or copier.
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