day after the election , brought to you by the letter f Usually I'm optimistic to a possibly dysfunctional degree, but not today.
  1. Fuck Trump
  2. Fuck white people
  3. Fuck Kansas
  4. Fuck this county
    Which went 80% for Trump. Jesus.
  5. Fuck rural people
  6. Fuck the media for giving me hope.
  7. Fuck everything and everyone.
    I feel like everywhere should've been in there but it wasn't.
  8. Later in the afternoon: Fuck Sam Brownback and Kris KKKobach
    The least popular governor in the US & the Secretary of State who wrote Trump's immigration platform, pretending we have a voter fraud problem since he was elected. I guarantee he'll be everyone 's problem soon on a national level.
  9. Fuck Florida.
  10. Also fuck Pennsylvania, the South, and the Rust Belt.