What A Librarian Knows

school librarian edition, requested by @BrentMWiggins
  1. Your reading habits. But we don't judge.
  2. Which teachers get it and which don't.
    Are you still reading the Boxcar Children and acting like it's relevant? I see you! Haven't read a new children 's or YA book since you graduated? I can tell. 😒
  3. How to unjam literally any printer or copier.
  4. How to get better results from Google.
  5. How to search for info you can't find in Google.
  6. We try new things!
    Seriously, you can get far just by going for it.
  7. We know to protect your privacy.
  8. How to evaluate sources for bias/expertise/knowledge, something that apparently escapes many adults.
  9. Tech stuff- how to do a screencast, great Chrome add-on for students with reading disabilities, and more!
  10. And most importantly, how to get kids excited about reading!