True statements from working in a daycare.
  1. My dad doesn't have a car. He has a Jeep.
  2. We had a fun run at school you run around and you get really tired that's why they give you water. I don't like it when they don't give me water.
  3. What's that thing in your nose?
  4. I love it when people call me funny. It's a really good name.
  5. Me: "What's your favorite color?" Kid: "Hm let me think.. Gold. Because gold is shiny, I like shiny. And also I like gold money.
  6. I like never get hurt, I'm like a non-get-hurt person
  7. My favorite animal is a cheetah because they run fast & I like to run fast & I think sometimes they bite.. And I like to bite. And they like to eat & I like to eat.
  8. Did you know elephants at the zoo get a mani-pedi every week?