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  1. One Direction
    It's not that I decidedly dislike them, I just don't really see what all the fuss is about.
  2. American Horror Story
    To be fair, I never gave the show a fighting chance. I'm just not into horror as a genre and I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be into it. It seems like everyone I know watches it though!
  3. Coconut water
    So gross. It seriously tastes like mop water to me. The only application I've ever been able to stomach was a fruit smoothie it was the base for. Yet everyone seems to love this stuff. I don't understand.
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  1. Danger Mouse
  2. Josh Holloway
  3. Tim Gunn
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It's the little things 😁
  1. It's Friday the 13th!
  2. It's also 11/13/15
    I have a thing for numbers. Consecutive odds aw yeah 🤓
  3. I found this cute mug for my coffee.
    Makes me want to go to SF ASAP.
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  1. Disney Dia de los Muertos
    Because Disney is awesome and so is their DOTD tribute.
  2. Baby pine tree
    Found this little guy on a hike through Bliss State Park in Lake Tahoe. I love the new growth among the fallen ancients.
  3. Party potato!
    Found this doodle on a table in a little park I like to visit often.
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  1. 🍰
    I call my husband cakes, as in short for babycakes and not as cutesy sounding. 🍰🍰🍰 is my go-to "hey you".
  2. 😠
    I get real impatient when people don't respond to texts. Especially when their read receipts tell me they've definitely seen it. This is my "you better respond soon" face.
  3. 🐶/🐱
    When I'm talking about my babies.
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Don't get me wrong, it's amazing already and I don't want to imagine life without it. Still, with all the amazing technology available to us these days, I feel like wanting more isn't totally unreasonable.
  1. Measure room temperature.
    Sometimes I feel like my thermostat is lying to me. Like, I'm freezing but it's 78 in here? That can't be right.
  2. Shazam hold music.
    It's a nice surprise when hold music is actually pleasant, but I will never remember to try and look it up after being snapped back to reality by the voice on the other end. This would be especially helpful with instrumental tracks.
  3. Location-based reminders.
    This feature used to be available in the reminders app but for some reason Apple decided it wasn't essential anymore. It was so helpful to be halfway to my car and have my phone remind me that I forgot that super important thing I needed.
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  1. The Green Mile
  2. Any Harry Potter movie, usually as part of an ABC Family marathon
  3. Titanic
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