1. One Direction
    It's not that I decidedly dislike them, I just don't really see what all the fuss is about.
  2. American Horror Story
    To be fair, I never gave the show a fighting chance. I'm just not into horror as a genre and I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be into it. It seems like everyone I know watches it though!
  3. Coconut water
    So gross. It seriously tastes like mop water to me. The only application I've ever been able to stomach was a fruit smoothie it was the base for. Yet everyone seems to love this stuff. I don't understand.
  4. Beyoncé
    I KNOW. I KNOW. Everyone practically worships her but I'm just not on board. I don't even know where to start with her. I could honestly make a whole list on why I think Beyoncé is overrated.
  5. Rain
    Light sprinkles, okay. Full-on downpour? No thanks. I hate the feeling of wet clothing and my hair is frizzy enough without any help. It's not fun, it's not romantic, it's just annoying. Also, it hardly rains here so when it does people drive like it's the end of the world and it takes so much longer to get anywhere. So not looking forward to this crazy El Niño season...😓
  6. Pastrami/Bologna/Salami/Roast Beef
    Ugh so gross. I just can't. I will only eat them if it is the only convenient option. A couple of special cases: Pepperoni - okay on a pizza or calzone, not okay on a sandwich. Sausage - okay in pasta, not okay in anything else. I understand why people fight me on this one. I'm very weird.
  7. Costco
    This one's a little different. There isn't anything really wrong with's just that I have a list of reasons why shopping there is impractical at this point in my life (membership fee, two-person household, limited storage space) but I feel like even if I had a huge house and a huge family I still wouldn't shop there. There's just something about it that creeps me out and I cannot explain it.
  8. Man buns
    No judgement if you're rocking one, it's your head after all. I just feel like you're wasting so much hair potential. If you're gonna be cool and have long hair, why bundle it all up so no one can appreciate it? Let it fly! 🦁
  9. Artificially hazelnut-flavored anything
    Looking at you, hazelnut lattes. And hazelnut creamer. And hazelnut candies. If it's not made with real hazelnuts (Nutella 🙌🏻) then you can count me out. Somehow no one else ever agrees with me on this even though the artificial crap tastes like plastic or something? I don't even know.