1. 🍰
    I call my husband cakes, as in short for babycakes and not as cutesy sounding. 🍰🍰🍰 is my go-to "hey you".
  2. 😠
    I get real impatient when people don't respond to texts. Especially when their read receipts tell me they've definitely seen it. This is my "you better respond soon" face.
  3. 🐶/🐱
    When I'm talking about my babies.
  4. 😘
    I send this one to my husband on the daily.
  5. 🖕
    No explanation needed for this one.
  6. 😍
    For when someone posts something adorable (baby goats anyone?) or my husband says something sweet.
  7. 😩/😖/😫
    I'm a complainer.
  8. 🌺
    Adds a nice touch to a "thank you" or "you're welcome" text. Also, 💐.