Being stuck in a car for 14 hours does things to you.
  1. Shock at the sudden realization that you ACTUALLY MADE IT.
    After hours upon hours upon HOURS of numbness from the waist down, borderline-arthritic fingers from gripping the wheel, and burning eyes that hate you for putting them through a triple shift, you finally made it. Go team.
  2. Delightfully curvy roads.
    Than you for making driving immediately more fun and intriguing, Colorado. Seriously. New Mexico and Texas could learn a lot from you.
  3. Colors.
    During the past 13 hours you likely forgot that nature's color spectrum spans beyond brown and deadish green. Don't worry, Colorado will remind you real quick.
  4. Ear popping.
    Colorado really, REALLY wants you to know you've entered new sensory territory. We get it, Colorado, you're very exciting. Now take it down a notch.
  5. Signs.
    Not your average signs, mind you. New dangers and wildlife that you were unaware of 3 minutes ago are now immediate and looming. Be sure to avoid falling rock and moose, lest your car be damaged and your opinion of Colorado (and rocks and moose) be forever tainted.
  6. Emotional whiplash after the colorful, curvy roads once again turn flat and brown.
    That's right. About 15 minutes after crossing the state border, Colorado betrays you and basically turns back into Texas. WHAT GIVES, COLORADO?
  7. Relief and inner peace once you make it through that last brown, flat stretch.
    On the other side you'll find yourself completely surrounded by mountains, abundant sunshine, and colors once again. All the colors. Altogether, I imagine the process of driving from Texas to Colorado being similar to labor: painful, unsightly, and seemingly never-ending, until you see your baby for the first time. Bam. Totally worth it.