i've been teetering between feeling empowered and totally despondent. here are a few of the ways i plan on feeling safe, valued, and in control. all my love to everyone who needs it 💕
  1. learn as much as possible
    currently, i'm reading diane ravitch's "the death and life of the great American school system" to educate myself as much as possible on why we need to protect schools on a curriculum and content-based level (not via accountability metrics like testing). i'm attending seminars on journalism ethics. i'm reading every news piece available on the future of our government agencies. i'm staying informed and up-to-date so that i can argue, educate, and make informed decisions.
  2. don't just protest, organize.
    find the groups in your city that use your donations, time, and bodies to good use. chicago is home to a vigilant and organized resistance — we have local systems in place for mass protest, mass education, bail funds, community management, etc. support the organizations that will raise up those who will be most marginalized. build on one another; we are strongest together.
  3. use your skills for good.
    it's a good time to enter the public sector or, at least, do some public service. every skill is valuable when it comes to lifting each other up and fighting for equality. use your art, your tech, your words, your research, your medicine to protect and love those around you.
  4. check in on each other.
    life is exhausting enough without the prospect of a demagogue as the "leader" of the free world. make sure your friends and family are doing okay. half of this country has cast votes against our existence. remind your loved ones that you will fight for them.
  5. watch the west wing.
    i'm starting the pilot on january 20. uplifting, optimistic television is exactly what i need.
  6. stand up against your family.
    every single one of us knows someone who voted for trump. it doesn't matter if they are your best friend or a distant cousin or a neighbor you barely know. it is our responsibility to challenge hatred and bigotry every chance we get. fuck your fear of awkward encounters or broken friendships or tense family dinners. there is more at stake.
  7. be cheesy.
    this will be hard. be kind and loving and cheesy af to each other to make it a little easier.
  8. Visit important and historical landmarks and places in America.
    National parks, the Liberty Bell, Plymouth Rock, Ellis Island, Selma, etc. Visit them so they aren't just something you read about or know about in the back of your mind, make them "real" to you and remind yourself that they—and what they symbolize—are worth fighting for.
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  9. Keep healthy. Medical costs will be insanely expensive moving forward. The best "retirement" is own good health.
    Suggested by   @eriknmichaelssrn