1. A black man was shot 4-5 times and murdered tonight by a police officer in Minnesota.
  2. His name was Philando Castile.
  3. He was stopped for a tail light.
  4. He was shot in front of his child.
  5. He was licensed to carry.
  6. It hasn't even been 24 hours since Alton Sterling.
  7. This is your less-than-friendly, annoying, patronizing, whatever the fuck reminder that if you are a non-black person who has stayed silent about black lives, you are on the side of the oppressor.
  8. Content is content and this community can foster and promote all sorts of diverse discussion, but when you do so without acknowledging a murderous, corrupt system, you are saying black lives do not matter.
  9. It is a privilege to not care, to not speak up, to not take action, to want to use your voice for ~fun, happy~ things only.
  10. Speak up. Your silence is anti-black.