1. i got an IUD and named it mike pence
    and it wasn't as painful as i feared it would be!
  2. i moved into a studio next door to a library
    the grandmas and grandpas of the neighborhood carry their book bags and stand in line every morning, waiting for the doors to open
  3. i flew to nyc by myself the day after the election and it was the best healing i've ever experienced
    new yorkers love and protect each other in subtle but immovably loyal ways. it gave me a lot of confidence and even more hope
  4. i read 45 books
    most of em were for school and all of em were good. favorite this year (and every year) is everything james baldwin
  5. i found support in a group of women dedicated to self-care and public service
    and i don't have to pay them $2000/year! lookin at you, audrey gelman 🙄
  6. i ended a bad relationship
    it was the worst thing ever for months but now the best thing ever for the rest of my life
  7. i started dating perfect, goofy, very kind, very cute boy
    he says 'bagels' weird and is obsessed w cold weather i love it