1. It is not edgy or cool to be lonely.
    Being alone and being lonely are two entirely different things. For a long time, I let my loneliness take over because it seemed "interesting" to not need anyone in my life. The greatest lesson I ever learned was that the coolest thing in the world is having people to love and people who love you.
  2. Vulnerability is not for everyone.
    Not everyone wants to share their feelings. There is a real kindness to sometimes letting people keep their sadness, their anger, their fears, their joys to themselves.
  3. Anger is draining.
    I am an angry person by nature. I view the world largely in terms of justness and, because of this, am easily angered by disloyalty, inequity, etc. It is exhausting. It requires that I care. Forgiveness is sometimes the most freeing thing.
  4. Anger is empowering.
    But sometimes you shouldn't forgive. There are some types and reasons for anger that should not be forgotten, but should be fought against. Some of my proudest moments were achieved with anger as my main motivation.
  5. Being nostalgic does not make me weak.
    I cling desperately onto people, places, memories that I have made home. When they are gone, I feel helpless for months. I used to be ashamed of how I could not move on and be excited for the future like many others could. I realize now that I just care and prioritize in different ways. It's okay.